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About Me

I have been quilting since the late 90's and just love to buy fabric.  I have a good eye for color and design.  I also do professional long arm quilting using  Two Gammill quilting machines and One Nolting Quilting Machine all three are computerized with the Intelliquilter (IQ).   I did free motion for the first 10 years and still do most of the custom quilting by free motion.   Quilting is a passion for me and has become a way of life. 
Whether you are just starting out or have been quilting for years you will always find and learn new things.  Quilting is a very artistic expression - lots of heart and soul goes into the making of a quilt and that is why I believe in quality.  I use quality products in all the quilts whether it is one of my own or for a customer.
I enjoy showing my quilts and both local guild quilt shows and International quilt shows.  

Wild Thing was accepted into the 2007 AQS show in Paducah
Elmer and Emily of Kenya was accepted into the 2007 Mid Atlantic Quilt show in Va.Many of my quilts have won First place ribbons both locally and Internationally.  Emily was awarded the Best Machine Work at the Charlotte Quilters Guild show in 2007 and Ties That Bind won a 2nd place ribbon at the HMQA in Utah in 2007.  I love all quilts from beginners to the experienced, The best part of quilting for a living is meeting all the wonderful people, learning together and seeing the different quilts that attracts each of us.  Many of my customers are beginner quilters and I just love to watch the skills blossom.  I also enjoy learning from my customers - I get to see so many new ideas and this is such an inspiration to me both personally and professionally.

I also work for several designers with a major bedding company located in New York producing bedding samples such as Tracy Porter, a Teen line, Vince Camuto and many more.   Market is twice a year normally in the spring and in the fall.  I will post photo's on my facebook page after the lines are in the stores.  

I sometimes do samples for fabric companies to displace a new line of fabrics at Quilt Market.  I stay very busy and Love every bit of it.

Thanks for reading about me and keep quilting!
Below are some photos taken at the MQX Banquet Awards in April 2005.   I am the short one in black in the front.
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